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magepookie's Journal
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Saturday, March 10th, 2007
9:00 pm
Sunday, March 4th, 2007
3:50 pm
To Kill A Seer
I turned out the headlights about a half a block away and took my foot off the gas letting the car coast quietly as far as possible.  When it finally stopped I could see the two figures in the distance.  The one sitting on the curb near the oil derrick was Morgoth.  He looked small and unassuming, no one would suspect that he had caused the death of dozens of people.  I thought of those deaths and my anger grew.  Not only had he caused their deaths but he had caused them to be killed in such terrible ways, losing their minds with their sanity slipping away or having their organs ripped out and eaten by those who were already lost.

A month ago when I talked with him he had sounded human.  He sounded reformed, like a religous zealot who had done wrong for his beliefs but wasn't going to do anything any longer.  I would have believed him but then he called me by my real name.  Years ago everyone knew me by that name but now that name holds power over me.  He used it to show me that had bested me, that he knew my secrets.  This murderer had taken out his weapon and showed it to me.  In that one simple name he had revealed his intentions and left me with no choice.  I am not a killer but I could see no other way.

The other figure slipped into the shadows of a building and started talking with someone.  I didn't need to see the other figure to know who it was though for the other figure was also me.  Being in two places at once was disconcerting at first but I have grown used to it.

The other me looked at Absinthe.  Her eyes always seemed to radiate happiness and never gave away the power behind them.  She stood quietly whispering with Dr. Vile.

"I can take him out now." the other me said to them in a whisper.

"I am in a car less than a block from here.  All we have to do is stop him from teleporting and we can end it here."

Absinthe is the Sentinel for the city and earlier in the privacy of her demesne she had deputized me for the sole purpose of hunting down and killing this seer.

Behind the wheel of the car I said a small prayer and asked forgiveness for what I was about to do.  My hands so tight on the steering wheel that my knuckles started to lose their color.  He still sat there, unaware that his life was about to end.  Unaware that all I had to do was press down on the accelerator and in the blink of an eye this car would smash into him with all it's force crushing the life from him.  The space shield he had cast on himself wouldn't be enough to save him, he would die.

Absinthe looked back at the other me. From the car I could see a slight glint of red in the shadows where the moonlight reflected off of her hair. 

"He has surrendered himself and renounced being a seer."

A wave of relief washes over me and I loosen my grip on the steering wheel.

"We can't trust him" the other me says, "He is just saying that to buy himself some time."

Absinthe shakes her head "He has agreed to being mind probed and to stand trial for his crimes.  He will not be able to deceive us.

I nod my heads, turn the car's headlights on and start to drive home.  The other me stays behind and makes small talk before heading over to the workshop to try and finish flushing the hydraulic lines on his latest project.

Current Mood: relieved
Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
11:26 am
ooc Pookie's Work
I got approval for Pookie to have worked for Disney World and Universal designing the following:

The recently introduced robotic character faces such as the ones shown in the following video:

The ride Vehicles for Dinosaur! at Disney's Animal Kingdom

He also designed the vehicles for the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

He designed some of the robotics used in Spaceship Earth at Epcot

At Universal Florida he designed the ride vehicles for The Spiderman ride

Lastly he designed some of the robotics used in the Revenge of the Mummy ride, also at Universal

11:15 am
OOC Current Project

This is what Pookie is currently working on.  He plans on marketing them to Universal Japan once he works out the timing bugs and finishes the failsafes.
1:53 am
OOC Pookie's Workshop
OOC Here is a video I came across that shows someone that does a lot of robotics.  The robots that pookie creates are more anthropomorphic but his workshop would be very simiilar to the one shown here.
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